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Jake Hoffman For Florida State House Campaign Kickoff Event

Jake Hoffman had his Florida State House Kickoff Event on November 22nd 2021 at American Social Tampa. The even was attended by over 75 people. His host committee consisted of over 40 notable Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, and Sarasota elected officials and Republican donors.


Mayor Erik Arroyo, Rep. Melony Bell, Rep. Mike Beltran, Benji Backer, Hon. Robert Blackmon, Sen. Jeff Brandes, Terry Castro, Chris Chambers, Hon. Steve Cona III, Hon. Victor Crist, Kimberly Davis, Hon. Rebecca DeBoer, Kim Droege, Austen “Fleccas” Fletcher, Rep. Tommy Gregory, Sen. Joe Gruters, Hon. Tom Gaitens, Hon. Ken Hagan, Hon. Shawn Harrison, Rogan “DC Draino” O’Handley, Audrey Henson, Jason Holloway, Hon. Karen Cox Jaroch, Todd Jennings, David Lisko, Scott Levinson, Anna Paulina Luna, Hung T. Mai, Rep. Amber Mariano, Hon. Mike Moore, Willy Nunn, Michael Owen, Mayor Tyler Payne, Christine Quinn, Rob Smith, Hon. April Schiff, David L. Stevens, Hon. Debra Tamargo, Col. Jim Waurishuk, Mayor David J. Will, Hon. Dee Williams, Hon. Stacy White, Hon. Christian Ziegler

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