The Battle Against Government Overreach Has Never Been More Urgent. I’m

Fighting For Common Sense & Freedom, Will You?

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Key Issues

Freedom & Individual Rights

Lock-downs and business closures were the most egregious overreach in American history. Never again.

Small Business & Creativity

Encouraging and enabling entrepreneurship and private businesses as the heart of our economy.


Ensuring CRT remains out of schools in Florida AND making sure parents are the ones making decisions for their kids!

Healthcare & Safety

Making sure Floridians have access to exceptional healthcare at an affordable cost.

Environment & Red Tide

Conserving Tampa Bay's water quality, our beaches, and holding polluters accountable. It's time for logical, reasonable, and necessary Sustainability.

Pro-2nd Amendment

I will protect your right to bear arms. It is not to be infringed and there is no compromising.

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Saving “Gasparilla” After City of Tampa Cancels Our Favorite Holiday, 2020

Announcing The Lawsuit Against Hillsborough County For Overreaching COVID Mandates, 2020

"I'm done writing articles and petitions, it's time to start writing bills."

- Jake Hoffman

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